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Pearl is unique among gemstones, being the only organinc gem from a living creature. And, it is the only gem which requires no fashioning (cutting or polishing) before use.

Pearls remain the most "feminine" of all gemstones. Designated officially as the June birthstone and they are unofficially the gemstone choice for brides.  Pearls are one of my favorite eco-friendly gems from baroque to spherical.  Enjoy shopping our unique Pearl Jewelry. 

Enjoy shopping our signature color pallettes. Chocolate, Fall Wine Harvest, Denim Collection and many more. We are also happy to customize a size or color combination for you.

Strands are handknotted with silk in the traditional manner, which will last for many years with proper care.  Please see details for clasps and detail

- Geralyn, Your GREEN Gemologist


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1 - 9 of 9 items